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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I obtain information about scholarships?

Scholarship information can be obtained at . Please note the qualifications for each scholarship to select an opportunity that is a good fit with your background. If further assistance is needed, please contact Ms. Pearl Algere-Lonian at 520-7525.

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How do I find out about campus activities?

Information about campus activities is posted at on the campus activities webpage ( and there is also an option to sign up for email notification of upcoming events. Also advertisements on upcoming events are frequently posted on bulletin boards throughout campus. Finally, the Office of Campus Activities located in the University Center Rm. 208 welcomes students to stop in to find out about the activities on campus.

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How can I find information about student organizations on campus?

The Office of Campus Activities has information on all registered student organizations on campus.

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What religious services are held during the week?

Masses are scheduled for Monday-Friday at noon and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the University Chapel on the 1st floor of the Administration Building. Confession is also available by appointment in Campus Ministry at ext. 5051. Visit the Office of Campus Ministry online at, stop in the office Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, or call 520-7593.

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Where is the game room?

The game room is located on the second floor in the University Center Rm. 219B. Materials for the game room can be obtained the Office of Campus Activities in Rm. 208.

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Are their places to relax between classes?

The lounge, University Center Rm. 219A, is a well lit area with comfortable seating and free internet access for student use.

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Are intramural sports offered at Xavier University?

Intramural sports are offered at Xavier University. The Office of Recreational Sports is located in Rm. 6 in the Barn.

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Where can I find a tutor?

The Office of Academic Support provides one-on-one tutoring, academic counseling, test taking strategies, and more!! The services are free of charge. Math, reading, and speech labs are available as needed. Specific information can be obtained at

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Where can I find help with my writing skills?

The Writing Center is dedicated to helping Xavier University Students improve their writing skills. The center is located in Rm. 105 in the Administration Annex building. The phone number is 520-6282

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Are computers available on-campus for non-residence students?

There are several computer labs on campus that are available to students;
3M Lab 1st floor of the library.
24 hr Study Area 1st floor library
Open Lab 205 2nd floor Science Complex
Open Lab 402 4th floor Xavier South

Operating hours for each location can be found at

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What are the library hours?

Fall library hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 am- midnight, Friday 7:30 am- 8:00 pm, Saturday 12:00 pm 'Äì 6:00 pm, and Sunday 12:30 pm 'Äì midnight. Please refer to for special summer hours.

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If I have a question, but I am unsure of who to ask, then what should I do?

Come to the Office of Campus Activities in UC 208 and someone will be happy to assist you.

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Where can I find community service opportunities?

Contact the Center for Leadership and Service at 520-5133 for information on community service. The center is located in UC 316.

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Amber Davis-Prince