Commuter Student Network

About Us


The Commuter Connection Club is a student-run organization committed to representing the needs, interest, and concerns of commuter students. The club actively seeks to engage commuter students and work to heighten campus sensitivity to commuter issues. Your voice matters! We invite you to get involved!

Guidance and Connections


If you don'Äôt know who to contact or where to go next, Commuter Connection Network functions as a 'One Stop Shop of Information' for the commuter student. Along with our web page, our Commuter Student Assistants will help you find everything you want to know about student services, campus departments, off-campus housing, student organizations and more.


Involvement is the best way for commuter students to take advantage of what Xavier University has to offer. The Commuter Connection Network helps commuters to get involved in various campus activities and student organization.


Commuter Student Mentoring Program

This program assigns incoming commuter students with 'seasoned' commuter students who mentor them throughout their freshman year. During the semester, mentors will attend two or three campus events or activities with their commuter mentees. They will also provide mentees with information about the university and what can be expected or gained from campus life.


Amber Davis-Prince