Commuter Student Network

Commuter Student Network

The Commuter Student Network is a student-run organization committed to representing the needs, interests, and concerns of commuter students. They work to heighten campus sensitivity to commuter student concerns. Your voice matters, so get involved! Commuter students are invited to take part in the planning and execution of commuter events.  It is a great way to network with other commuter students, meet new people around campus, as well as gain valuable leadership experience.

Just because you are a commuter student, doesn’t mean you cannot be active on campus. Involvement is the best way for commuter students to take advantage of what Xavier University has to offer. In addition to joining the Commuter Student Network, students are encouraged to join student organizations in order to enhance your XU experience!

Visit the XU Org Sync page or the Office of Campus Activities for more information on student organizations and ways to get involved on campus! 


Amber Davis-Prince