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Department of Mass Communication

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Why Choose Communications?

Do you enjoy studying communication patterns in familial or romantic relationships, as performance, or the art of rhetoric – persuading an audience? Maybe you enjoy relaying information to mass audiences through broadcast, electronic, or print mediums? Working on the front lines to help an organization in time of crisis? Or maybe you enjoy helping adults and children experience richer lives by diagnosing and treating their communication disorders.

Communications encompasses these things and so many more. Majoring in communications can serve as a stepping stone to graduate school or professional school or it can serve as your key to a vast number of media related careers.

Xavier University's Department of Communications provides opportunities to study in three different areas: Communication Studies, Mass Communication, and Speech Pathology & Audiology.


Xavier's Communications Department is a distinguished and expansive part of the university's academic profile. Students receive practical experience in addition to a theoretical foundation. Dedicated and engaged faculty help prepare students for employment in various fields and for success in graduate and professional schools. While each program has its own goals, the Department has established a common mission to:

  • increase students' proficiency in communication;
  • increase students' theoretical and practical knowledge of human communication;
  • assist students in becoming effective and ethical communicators in a diverse, global society;
  • increase students' problem solving and critical thinking skills;
  • and prepare students for success in graduate school or in their chosen career paths.

The department houses the university newspaper, the Xavier Herald; the university yearbook, the Xavierite; the university television production organization, XTV; XRadio Station; NABJ and PRSSA Student Chapters; The Speech and Hearing Center; Xavier Chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Speech Lab.

The Speech Lab provides assistance for students who may have difficulty with oral communication skills and either self-refer or have been referred by a faculty member. In addition, the Speech and Hearing Clinic provides both evaluations and treatment for all types of communication disorders to students, faculty, staff and local residents.