Department of Chemistry

Prospective Students

New Freshman interested in majoring in chemistry (including Chemistry Pre-pharmacy, Chemistry Pre-med, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering (3+2), Chemistry ACS, and Chemistry Education) need only choose so on the Xavier University application.

Current Xavier students interested in changing their majors should fill out a "Change of Major" form and obtain signatures from their current department head as well as the Chemistry Department Head. (This form can be obtained from the Chemistry Department Secretary or the Registrar's Office.) Students with a grade point of average of 2.75 or greater will automatically be admitted to the Chemistry Department. The academic records of students with a grade point average less than 2.75 will be evaluated by the Chemistry Department Academic Advising Committee on an ongoing basis. Decisions are usually made within two days.

Prospective students interested in talking to the Department Head or other department faculty about the resources and opportunities available in the Chemistry Department need only contact them for an appointment. Chemistry faculty are thrilled to talk to students interested in careers in chemistry.

Department of Chemistry