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Samrat Dutta, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Telephone Number: (504) 520 - 5820
Room Number: NCF Annex - Room 301B
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General Chemistry (Laboratory)
Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences (Lecture)

Short Professional Biography

Dr. Dutta earned a M.E. degree in Polymer Technology in 2003, from Delhi University, India and received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 2010 at the University of Iowa, Iowa city. He worked on ultrafast infrared vibrational spectroscopy and several developed infrared probes to assess the functionally relevant femtosecond to picosecond dynamics in enzyme active sites.  Dr. Dutta served as an Ellen William Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Maryland, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry from 2011-2013 where he worked on nanowire plasmonics and fabrication of microdevices. He also served as a Postdoctoral Scholar and Co-Principal Investigator at University of Pittsburgh from 2014- 2016 where he worked on proteins and ionic liquids. He joined Xavier University of Louisiana in fall of 2016 as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry.

Research Interest

Dr. Dutta's interests are in cancer research, green chemistry, and functional polymeric microdevices. His research focus in cancer involves the development mid-infrared probes for early detection and prevention of cancer. In green chemistry, Dr. Dutta is interested in understanding solute-solvent interactions of ionic liquids and sequestering of CO2 with these non-aqueous solvents. He is also interested in developing polymeric devices by 2 photon polymerization with the goal of developing flexible electronics.

Current Grant Support

Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium

Recent Publications

Dutta, Samrat.; Ren, Zen.; and Garrett-Roe, Sean. (2015), Two-dimensional ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy of azides in ionic liquids reveals solute-specific solvation; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, (40), 26575-26579.

Brinzer, Thomas.; Berquist, Eric J.; Ren, Zhe.; Dutta, Samrat.; Johnson, Clinton A.; Krisher, Cullen S.; Lambrecht, Daniel S.; and Garrett-Roe, Sean. (2015), Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy (2D-IR) of CO2 in ionic liquids: Carbon capture from carbon dioxide’s point of view; The Journal of chemical physics,(142), 212425

Ren, Zhe.; Brinzer, Thomas.; Dutta, Samrat.; and Garrett-Roe, Sean.(2015), Thiocyanate as a Local Probe of Ultrafast Structure and Dynamics in Imidazolium-​Based Ionic Liquids: Water Induced Heterogeneity and Cation Induced Ion-​Pairing; Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (13), 4699–4712.

Dutta, Samrat.; Li, Yun-Liang.; Rock, William.; Houtman, Jon C. D.;  Kohen, Amnon.; and Cheatum, Christopher.(2012), 3-Picolyl Azide Adenine Dinucleotide as a Probe of Femtosecond to Picosecond Enzyme Dynamics; Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (1), 542–548.

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