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Galina Goloverda, Ph.D.

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Organic Chemistry lecture, drill and lab
Molecular Structure and Organic Synthesis lab
Advanced Organic Chemistry

Short Professional Biography

Galina Z. Goloverda was born and raised in former Soviet Union (USSR), now Ukraine. She graduated from Kiev State University in 1979 with Master'Äôs degree in Inorganic Chemistry. She received her Ph.D degree in Physical Organic Chemistry in 1988 from Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. She continued to work at the same institution as a post doctoral fellow and then as a Research Scientist until 1993, when her family of three moved to USA. She worked as a Research Associate in Lawrence, Kansas, a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Iowa, and then as an Assistant Professor at Rowan State University of New Jersey in Glassboro, before moving to Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, where she has been working since 1999.

Research Interest

Dr. Goloverda'Äôs research interests are in the areas of synthetic organic chemistry and materials science; design of non-polymeric organic coating for novel magnetic nanocomposites for biomedical application. The main focus is currently on development and study of hydrophilic organic polydentate ligands that can potentially serve as templating or capping ligands for nanocomposite materials.

The goal of another (NSF)  project is to synthesize and study novel single-molecule magnets based on metal oxo-bridged clusters.

Current Grant Support

NSF EPSCoR multi-institutional grant "Louisiana Alliance for Simulation Guided Materials Applications (LA'ÄëSiGMA)"

Recent Publications

Denis Nilov, Pavel Kucheryavy, Verina Walker, Clayton Kidd, Vladimir L. Kolesnichenko and Galina Z. Goloverda* "Synthesis of 5-Substituted Derivatives of Isophthalic Acid as Non-Polymeric Amphiphilic Coating for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles", Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 55, Issue 36, 2014, Pages 5078'Äì5081

Harikrishna Devalapally, Feng Zhou, Jessica McDade, Galina Goloverda, Albert Owen, Ismael J. Hidalgo, and Svitlana Silchenko "Optimization of PEGylated Nanoemulsions for Improved Pharmacokinetics of BCS Class II Compounds",¬† Drug Delivery, 2014, in press, Online 2013: 1'Äì8.

Harikrishna Devalapally, Svitlana Silchenko, Feng Zhou, Jessica McDade, Galina
Goloverda, Albert Owen, and Ismael J. Hidalgo "Evaluation of a Nanoemulsion Formulation Strategy for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement of Danazol in Rats and Dogs", Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2013, 102:3808'Äì3815.

P. Kucheryavy, J. He, V.T. John, P. Maharjan, L. Spinu, G. Goloverda and V. Kolesnichenko, "Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Variable Size and Iron Oxidation State as Prospective Imaging Agents", Langmuir, 2013, 29, 710-716.

I. V. Vasylenko, K. S. Gavrylenko, V. G. Il'yin, V. Golub, G. Goloverda, V. Kolesnichenko,  A. W. Addison, V. V. Pavlishchuk, "The metamorphosis of heterometallic trinuclear antiferromagnetic complexes into nano-sized superparamagnetic spinels", Materials Chemistry and Physics, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2010, 121, 1-2, 47-52.

Galina Goloverda, Barry Jackson, Clayton Kidd and Vladimir Kolesnichenko, "Synthesis of the ultrasmall nanoparticles of magnetic iron oxides and study of their colloid and surface chemistry", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2009, 321, 1372-1376.

Vladimir Kolesnichenko, Vincent Vu and Galina Goloverda, "Preparation of Colloidal Metals of Iron Group With Uncapped Surface in Polar Aprotic Medium", Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 2005, 69(11-12), 65-70.

D. Caruntu, G. Caruntu, Y. Chen, C. O'Connor, G. Goloverda and V. Kolesnichenko, "Synthesis of variable-sized nanocrystals of Fe3O4 with high surface reactivity", Chemistry of Materials, 2004, 16 (25) 5527-5534.

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