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Bryan Bilyeu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Telephone Number: 504-520-5414
Room Number: NCF Annex - Room 301G
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General Chemistry

Short Professional Biography

Dr. Bilyeu earned both his B.S. in chemistry (1995) and Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering (2003) from the University of North Texas. His Ph.D. research involved thermal phase transitions and mechanical properties in polymers, which led to later work in materials and methods for water and wastewater treatment. He served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Southeastern Louisiana University (2004-05) and Texas Woman's University (2005-06), before coming to Xavier as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2006. In addition to teaching and research, he serves as the Director of the Dual Degree Engineering Program and the Executive Director of the Louisiana Engineering Advancement Program for K-12 outreach. He has co-authored 8 book chapters, 28 peer-reviewed journal articles, 33 conference presentation preprints, and has 2 US patents.

Research Interest

Dr. Bilyeu's current work includes natural and synthetic material for adsorption of metals from water and wastewater and the optimization of engineered polymers and composites. The water/wastewater work involves evaluating the effectiveness, kinetics, and mechanism of metal ion adsorption onto biomass and synthetic polymers and electrochemical processes using a variety of analytical instruments (Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis, Ion Selective Electrodes, and others). The engineering work involves thermal analysis and mechanical characterization of thermophysical properties and phase transitions to optimize the composition and processing of materials and composites to applications using Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Thermogravimetric Analysis, and Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Current Grant Support

"Noyce/MSTI Teacher Fellows Master Teacher Fellows Program" (award # 1136425) National Science Foundation, Division of Education & Human Resources, PI Rosalind Hale, Co-PIs Bryan Bilyeu and Sindhu Unnithan, 01/12 'Äì 01/17, $1,814,088 (total).
"Nanoscale Imaging Systems", National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research, Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (proposal #0934111), PI - Lamar Meda and Co-PIs Bryan Bilyeu, Michael Ward, and Davis Pine, 09/09 'Äì 08/14, $3,000,000 (total); Polymorphic Transitions in Materials - Bryan Bilyeu, $244,482 (direct).

"Scholarships to Increase Diversity and Achievement in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics Majors", National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education (award #0807105), PI - Andrea Edwards, Co-PIs Bryan Bilyeu and Lester Jones, 06/08 'Äì 05/13, $487,500 (total).

Recent Publications

Violeta Lugo-Lugo, Carlos E Barrera-Díaz, Fernando Ureña-Núñez, Bryan Bilyeu, Víctor Sánchez-Mendieta, Biosorption of Cr(III) and Fe(III) in single and binary systems onto pretreated orange peel, Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier), 112, 120-127 (DEC2012)., 2010 Impact Factor 2.596
Carlos Barrera-Díaz, Violeta Lugo-Lugo, Bryan Bilyeu, A review of chemical, electrochemical and biological methods for aqueous Cr(VI) reduction, Journal of Hazardous Materials (Elsevier), 223-224, 1-12 (JULY2012)., 2010 Impact Factor 3.723
Sarai Velazquez-Peña, Carlos Barrera-Díaz,  Ivonne Linares-Hernández, Bryan Bilyeu,  S.A. Martínez-Delgadillo, Evaluation of effectiveness of electrochemical reduction of Cr(VI) in electroplating wastewater and characterization of the sludge, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS), 51, 5905-5910 (MAY 2012). DOI: 10.1021/ie200968s, 2010 Impact Factor 2.172
Gustavo López-Téllez, Carlos E. Barrera-Díaz, Patricia Balderas-Hernández, Gabriela Roa-Morales, Bryan Bilyeu, Removal of hexavalent chromium in wastewater by iron nanoparticles embedded in orange peel pith, Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier), 173, 480-485 (SEP 2011). DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2011.08.018 , 2010 Impact Factor 3.074
C. Barrera-Díaz, B. Bilyeu, L. Bernal-Martinez, and J. Cruz-Olivares, "Volume Reduction of Cr(VI)-Bearing Sorbent Materials", Management of Hazardous Residues Containing Cr(VI), Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY (AUG 2011). ISBN: 978-1-61470-637-3
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