Department of Chemistry

Facilities and Instrumentation


Xavier's Chemistry Department is housed predominantly on the third and on the second floors of the Norman C. Francis (NCF) Academic Science Complex (1988) and the Academic Science Annex (1999). All faculty offices and Chemistry Stockroom are located on the third floor; eight teaching labs, four instrument rooms, seven large shared research labs and four small research labs are located on the second and third floors.  The Department has outstanding instrumentation for both teaching and research.  An NIH-funded Research Centers in Minority Institutions grant has been providing funds to develop and support three Core Facilities at Xavier: Major Instrumentation, Drug Discovery and Delivery, and Cell and Molecular Biology. These Core Facilities are housed in the NCF Academic Science Complex and the adjacent Pharmacy building.  In addition, collaborations with faculty at Tulane University, LSU Health Sciences Center, LSU Baton Rouge, and the University of New Orleans allow access to additional instrumentation and resources not available on Xavier's campus.

Analytical InstrumentsLocationContact Person
NMR spectrometers:    
Agilent 400MR DD2 with broadband probe 36-307 V. Kolesnichenko
Bruker Fourier 300 with 1H/13C probe 36-307 V. Kolesnichenko
Anasazi 90 MHz with Bruker cryogen-free magnet 36-320 G. Goloverda
Magritek Spinsolve Carbon 43 MHz benchtop 37-360 Goloverda/Sridhar
Oxford Instruments Pulsar 60 MHz benchtop 37-361 S. Weaver
MALDI TOF mass-spectrometer:    
Bruker Autoflex MALDI TOF/TOF mass-spectrometer 37-272 T. Watt
ESI mass-spectrometers (LC-MS):    
Thermo TSQ Vantage Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass 06-405 G. Wang
Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL Mass Spectrometer/HPLC 06-405 G. Wang
Thermo Q-Exactive Mass Spectrometer 06-419 G. Wang
Thermo Finngan TSQ Quantum Ultra Mass Spectrometer 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
HPLC systems    
Agilent 1100 series HPLC-UV system 36-307 G. Wang
Shimadzu LC-20AT HPLC with UV/Fluorescence Detector 36-304 G. Wang
Waters semi-prep HPLC-PDA detector / fraction collector 37-273 S. DiMaggio
Teledyne Combiflash Rf 200 319/321 Goloverda/Sridhar
Agilent 1200 Infinity HPLC with variable wavelength detector 36-321 J. Sridhar
Gas Chromatography systems    
Agilent 6890N/5973 GC-MS 36-320 G. Wang
Agilent 6850/5975C GC-MS 36-320 G. Wang
Agilent 6890/5975C GC-MS 36-320 G. Wang
Agilent 6850 Capillary GC with Flame Ionization Detector 37-370 K. Morgan
GOW-MAC 350 GC 37-361 S. Weaver
Shimadzu GC-8A 37-361 S. Weaver
Optical spectrometers    
Beckman DU 7400 UV-VIS 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Beckman DU 800 UV-VIS 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Shimadzu 1024PC UV-VIS 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Varian CARY 50 Scan UV-VIS 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Thermo Nicolet 380 FT-IR 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Thermo Nexus 470 FT-IR with smart i-TR accessory 36-320 V. Kolesnichenko
Thermo Nicolet 380 FT-IR with Smart Orbit Accessory 37-360 T. Birdwhistell
Thermo Nicolet iS-5 FT-IR (2) 37-361 S. Weaver
Jasco J-1500 circular dichroism spectropolarimeter 37-272 T. Watt
Agilent Cary 60 UV-vis 37-272 H. Williamson
TENSOR II FTIR Spectrometer with MCT Detector 36-302 S. Dutta
Electrochemistry instruments    
Princeton VersaSTAT 3 Potentiostat  36-304 Z. Wang
BASi Epsilon electrochemical analyzer 37-340 V. Kolesnichenko
Gamry Potentiostats EIS/ battery testing 36-302 L. Meda
Gamry Reference 600 potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA 36-319 M. Ali
Other instruments  
Perkin Elmer Optima 5300 DV ICP-OES 36-320 B. Bilyeu
Rigaku MiniFlex II Powder X-ray Diffractometer 36-302 V. Kolesnichenko
Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS Particle Analyzer 36-319 G. Goloverda
Waters GPC System with 2414 Refractive Index Detector 36-320  
Olis DM45 Spectrofluorimeter 37-370 M. Foroozesh
AtagoPolax-2L polarimeters 37-361 S. Weaver
Linux Molecular Modeling Workstations (3) 06-420 M. Mottamal
Panvera BEACON 2000 Fluorescence Polarization System 36-319 M. Ali
Bio-Tek microplate reader spectrometers: HT, H1m, EPOCH 272/316 T. Watt
Kodak Gel Logic 200 imaging system 37-276 T. Watt
Carestream Gel Logic 220 PRO imaging system 36-316 T. Watt
Labconco FreeZone Lyophillizer 37-273 S. DiMaggio
Parr Shaker Hydrogenator 36-321 J. Sridhar
QCM922A Quartz Crystal Microbalance and EQCM 36-304 Z. Wang

Department of Chemistry