Center for Continuing Studies and Distance Education


The Center for Continuing Studies and Distance Education supports the mission of Xavier University of Louisiana by providing access to educational and professional programming to students of all ages and across all career stages. This access is made possible via partnerships with campus, community and industry leaders.


Mindful of the students we serve, CCSDE faculty and staff develop diverse learning opportunities and manage innovative programs designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing educational and professional landscape.


The Center is committed to Xavier’s mission of creating a more just and humane society.  Therefore we value:

  • an accessible, inclusive and respectful environment for working and learning;
  • excellent service to everyone, especially our students;
  • bringing together communities within and outside of the University;
  • offering diverse programming and services on a local and global scale;
  • integrity at all levels while maintaining academic excellence;
  • taking advantage of opportunities while managing resources responsibly.


Xavier University Library
Suite 531
504-520-7669 / TOLL FREE: 844-360-0491