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Faculty Development for Integrative Pedagogy and Assessment Practices


Interdisciplinary Course Development To achieve the goal of increasing the depth and breadth of interdisciplinary course offerings, Xavier faculty will read, discuss, and utilize scholarship and infuse this knowledge into a core curriculum course in which two or more disciplines are represented and require assignments that synthesize and integrate key content. 


Upcoming Events


Oct. 12, 2017 
(12:00pm-1:00pm) -
Interdisciplinary Approaches
LOCATION: Library Resource Center, Mellon Seminar Room, 532B. RSVP to


Past Events

Brown Bag: Interdisciplinary Approaches
A panel of experienced interdisciplinary teachers will offer advice and inspiration to faculty about incorporating interdisciplinarity into a core course.
Panel: Dr. Robin Runia (English), Dr. Mark Gstohl (Theology), Dr. Mike Homan (Theology)


Summer Seminar

May 22-26, 2017 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Through the seminar, participants will read, discuss, and utilize scholarship and infuse this knowledge into a core curriculum course and interact with consultants in planning interdisciplinary courses.  Members of the Interdisciplinary Seminar will receive support for planning, implementing, and assessing an individual or collaborative core curriculum course. Members of the Interdisciplinary Seminar will participate in workshops to disseminate interdisciplinary pedagogy. Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Seminar RFP

CAS Seminar Participants

  • Michael Homan: The Devil in Sacred and Secular Literature 
  • Beth Manley: Enriching the Core Curriculum through Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Richard Peters: Sustainability and XULA - Spirituality, Service and Social Responsibility
  • Mark Gstohl: Sustainability and XULA - Spirituality, Service and Social Responsibility
  • Wyndi Ludwikowski: Meaning of Work
  • Jim Dunson: New Orleans and the Philosophy of Pharmacy
  • Austin Ashe: Gender from All Angles 
  • Shearon Roberts: Area Studies as Global Interdisciplinary Knowledge - Through the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Sheryl Kennedy-Haydel: The Interdisciplinarity of Social Media Campaigns 
  • Amanda Helm: Production and Consumption of Mardi Gras

CAS Seminar Facilitators

*Evan A. Gatti*, associate professor, specializes in medieval art. Gatti recently co-authored an annotated bibliography on Medieval Italian Art for Oxford Bibliographies and was co-editor of an interdisciplinary collection of essays entitled Envisioning the Medieval Bishop: Images and the Episcopacy in the Middle Ages (Turnhout: 2014). She has authored several essays on the art and culture of medieval bishops, including a contribution to Envisioning the Bishop, Saintly Bishops and Bishops Saints (Zagreb: 2012), as well as a special issue of Peregrinations devoted to Ottonian art for use in the undergraduate classroom. Gatti has presented papers nationally and internationally on the relationships between ritual, performance, pilgrimage and art in a religious context. In 2009, Gatti received the Elon College Excellence in Service/Leadership award and in 2012, Gatti received the Student Government Association's Gerald F. Francis Award for Outstanding Faculty Member.

*Dr. Amy M. Johnson* is an Assistant Professor of History and the Core Curriculum in Elon's Department of History and Geography. Her areas of research are Pre-colonial West African History, the Atlantic Slave Trade, Early Colonial Caribbean History, and Slavery and Resistance. Johnson has been named the next director of the Elon Core Curriculum and will begin a four-year term in the new role on June 1.

Spring Lunch Workshop

Location: Library Resource Center, CAT+FD, Mellon Seminar Room, Rm 532B

 April 27, 2017 12pm - 1pm, Interdisciplinary Courses and the Core Curriculum with Khadijah Miller, Ph.D.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Khadijah O. Miller is Chair of the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies at Norfolk State University. As a tenured Associate professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, her research interests include Black women’s studies, African American studies and the interdisciplinarity of non-traditional students (online and adult). She earned her PhD in African American Studies and Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Temple University, Pennsylvania. Current research projects include Black womanist ethics revisited, work/life balance of African American female professionals, the history of African American religious folk in Suffolk, VA and teaching Interdisciplinary Studies at an HBCU. She is the delighted mother of two strong-voiced and life-loving daughters.


Spring Saturday Workshop

Location: Library Resource Center, CAT+FD, Mellon Seminar Room, Rm 532B

April 22, 2017 10am - 4pm, Interdisciplinary Courses and the Core Curriculum with Stacey Kikendall, Ph. D. Application due by Friday, April 14Application Form

About the Presenter:

Dr. Stacey Kikendall is an assistant professor of English at Park University. Her primary research interests are nineteenth-century British literature and issues of gender, empire, and vision. She has published articles on Charles Dickens's Dombey and Son, the film Bride & Prejudice, and teaching graphic novels in the composition classroom. She is the managing editor for InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching as well as the Associate Director of Park's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.