College of Arts and Sciences

Deciding Majors

Students who initially do not declare a major on admittance to Xavier and current students who are in the process of choosing a different major are classified as Deciding Majors and are advised through the office of Academic Support Programs. Deciding majors receive individualized academic and career assessment and counseling, meet faculty from different disciplines and learn about career paths within those disciplines.

Students are allowed to remain a deciding major for two semesters. An additional semester is allowed for students who satisfy the requirements below and realistically need one more semester to meet the required GPA to be admitted to another department. After the maximum of three semesters, students who have not been admitted into an academic department will be dismissed from the University.

The exception to this policy is for those students with a GPA of at least 2.5 who have declared a major that is not offered at Xavier, for example, physical therapy, nursing, etc. With the written approval of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, these students may complete all their preliminary course requirements as a Deciding Majors.

Students who are classified as Deciding Majors must meet the following requirements:

  • take interest inventory survey(s) provided in the counseling center and attend interpretation session(s) to determine a career interest;
  • attend individual session(s) with career counselors;
  • participate in meetings where guest faculty of different disciplines discuss the career paths within their disciplines; and
  • meet with potential chairperson(s) or advisors within departments to ascertain their ability to be admitted and succeed in those departments.

Students who do not follow the above will be evaluated and may be academically dismissed.