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Christopher Williams, Ph.D.

Dr. Williams
Assistant Professor
College of Pharmacy
website: http://www.xula.edu/cop/profiles/williams

Biographical Narrative

Christopher Williams, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of pharmacology in the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences at Xavier. His current research focus is on understanding the underlying biological basis for resistance to SERMs, and development of orphan nuclear receptors as novel therapeutic targets in ER(-) breast cancer. Dr. Williams also collaborates with Dr. Brian Rowan at the Tulane Cancer Center in the study of health disparities in breast cancer, with an emphasis on therapeutic targeting of triple negative breast cancer in African American women.


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Debasis Mondal, Christopher Williams, Krishna Agrawal HIV-1 Tat modulates expression of the HIV-1 co-receptors CXCR4 and CCR5 in K562 hematopoietic progenitor cells Experimental Biology & Medicine. 230(9):631-44, 2005 Oct.

Christopher Williams, Diane Clark, Tamika Duplessis, and Frank E Jones. ErbB4 regulates STAT5a transcriptional activity by modulating phosphorylation of both serine and phosphotyrosine residues. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 280(25):24175-80, 2005 Jun 24
Yun Zhu, Lacey Sullivan, Sujit Nair, Christopher Williams, Arvind, Pandy Luis Marrero, Ratna Vadlamudi, Frank Jones Coregulation of Estrogen Receptor by Estrogen-Inducible ERBB4/HER4 Establishes a Growth Promoting Autocrine Signaling Pathway in Breast Cancer. Cancer Research 66(16) 7991-7998 2006

George P. Skliris, Brian G. Rowan, Mariam Al-Dhaheri, Christopher Williams, Sandy Troup, Sanela Begic, Michelle Parisien, Peter H. Watson and Leigh C. Murphy Immunohistochemical validation of multiple phospho-specific epitopes for estrogen receptor α (ERα) in tissue microarrays of ERα positive human breast carcinomas Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 2008 Dec PMID: 19104930

Leigh Murphy, Georgios Skliris, Brian Rowan, Mariam Al-Dhaheri, Christopher Williams, Carla Penner, Snady Troup, Senela Begic, Michelle Parisien, Peter Watson The relevance of phosphorylated forms of estrogen receptor in human breast cancer in vivo Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 114 (1-2) 2009, 90-95

Christopher Williams, Aninda Basu, Latonya Carrier, Carolyn Smith, Brian Rowan Novel Phosphorylation Sites in Estrogen Receptor α: Impact on Receptor-Dependent Gene Expression and Phosphorylation by Protein Kinase CK2 (Under Revision)

Current Support

Ongoing Research Support

1K01CA129078-01, PI. 9/14/07-9/14/12
Novel Estrogen Receptor Phosphorylation Sites in Sensitivity/Resistance to SERMs role, PI
These studies will provide insight into how novel phosphorylation sights in the estrogen receptor impact sensitivity and resistance to SERMs. 2007-2011, $483,832

Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium- New Lab start-up funding, 2009-2011 $210,000

Xavier University, Center of Excellence- $38,000, new lab equipment funding

Pending Research Support

DOD-CDMRP HBCU/MI Parnership- 2010-2014, 1.300,000, role PI, Co-PI, Maureen Shuh Tulane partner, Brian Rowan

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