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Galina Goloverda, Ph.D.
Position Title: Associate Professor
Website: http://www.xula.edu/chemistry/profiles/ggoloverda.php
Office location: NCF 321
Office phone: 504-520-5417
Email address: gzgolove@xula.edu

Biographical Narrative
Graduated from National Taras Shevchenko University, Kiev, Ukraine with M.S. in Chemistry degree in 1979.
Fulfilled graduate education and defended PhD thesis in chemistry at the Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine. The degree of Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry was awarded in 1988.

Research Overview:

Our current research goal is to develop small molecule hydrophilic organic ligands for functional nanoparticulate materials. Such ligands are designed by chemical derivatization of polyfuntional organic compounds. We are currently studying the reactivity of multifunctional a-hydroxy carboxylic acids with colloidal magnetite and alumina. One of the directions is functionalization of these acids directly on the nanocrystal surface. Non-polymeric organic capping ligands can be particularly useful for colloidal stabilization of small nanocrystalls for application in drug delivery and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Selected Publications:

I. V. Vasylenko, K. S. Gavrylenko, V. G. Il'Äôyin, V. Golub, G. Goloverda, V. Kolesnichenko, A. W. Addison, V. V. Pavlishchuk, 'ÄúThe metamorphosis of heterometallic trinuclear antiferromagnetic complexes into nano-sized superparamagnetic spinels'Äù, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2010, 121, 1-2, 47-52.

Synthesis of the ultrasmall nanoparticles of magnetic iron oxides and study of their colloid and surface chemistry, G. Goloverda, B. Jackson, C. Kidd and V. Kolesnichenko, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2009, 321, 1372.
Preparation of Colloidal Metals of Iron Group With Uncapped Surface in Polar Aprotic Medium. Vladimir Kolesnichenko, Vincent Vu and Galina Goloverda, Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 2005, 69(11-12), 65-70.

Synthesis of variable-sized nanocrystals of Fe3O4 with high surface reactivity. Caruntu Daniela, Caruntu Gabriel, Yuxi Chen, O'Connor Charles, Goloverda Galina and Kolesnichenko Vladimir, Chemistry of Materials, 2004, 16, 5527.

Reactivity of 3d transition metal cations in diethylene glycol solutions. Synthesis of transition metal ferrites with the structure of discrete nanoparticles complexed with long-chain carboxylate anions. Caruntu Daniela, Remond Yann, Chou Nam Hawn, Jun Moo-Jin, Caruntu Gabriel, He Jibao, Goloverda Galina, O'Connor Charles and Kolesnichenko Vladimir, Inorganic Chemistry, 2002, 41, 6137-6146.

Current Funding:

NIH SCORE Grant 5SC3GM088042-02: Inorganic Nanoparticles in Non-Polymeric Organic Coating for Biomedical Applications. PI Goloverda. July 2009 'Äì June 2013.

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