The BUILD Cultural Responsiveness Task Force has developed a conceptual framework that is applied to our investigation of this important issue. This conceptual framework focuses on the implicit biases and cultural marginalization of STEM and, in particular, students pursuing careers in the biomedical sciences. As part of our dissemination of this work, we will share the outcomes of the surveys administered to students, alumni, and faculty through reports, concept papers, articles published in academic journals, an e-newsletter, podcasts, webinars, and various social media.


Spring 2017 eNewsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 2
Fall 2016 eNewsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 1


Dr. Florastina Payton-Stewart 

Podcast on: Experiences of Women of Color in the Biomedical Sciences. This podcast focuses on issues related to being a woman of color (WOC) in the biomedical sciences. The interviewee, Dr. Florastina Payton-Stewart, shares her experiences during her undergraduate and graduate studies as well as reflections on serving as a faculty member. This first podcast in the series incorporates discussions on stereotype threat and implicit bias and highlights positive experiences that inform Dr. Payton-Stewart's career as a tenured faculty member in Chemistry at Xavier University of LA.
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Dr. Linda Strausbaugh

Podcast on: Challenges and Benefits of Mentoring Underrepresented Graduate Students in the Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Linda Strausbaugh visited the Xavier University of LA campus to provide consultation to the BUILD Cultural Responsiveness Task Force. During her time with the XULA community, she was able to meet with faculty, staff, and students to engage in dialogue about how to increase the number of underrepresented students in the biomedical sciences. The founding director of UConn's PSM in Applied Genomics, Dr. Strausbaugh has worked closely with scientists and leadership from the non-academic sector, and coordinated research experiences, internships and employment opportunities for close to one hundred students. For more than 30 years Linda Strausbaugh has directed externally funded research projects in genetics and genomics, and served as the head of the genetics graduate field of study for most of that time.
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Dr. Mack Crayton 

Podcast on: The Importance of Cultural Competent Mentors in areas of STEM. This podcast focuses on Dr. Crayton’s experiences as a STEM student of color at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). The many experiences, from his undergraduate career through his doctoral studies, helped him to realize that effective mentors of underrepresented STEM students need to consider non-cognitive factors, such as implicit bias due to their cultural and social backgrounds. This third podcast in the BUILD CRTF series incorporates a discussion on the importance of cultural competency among STEM faculty and how it can improve the mentoring relationships between professors and students.
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Concept Papers


End of Semester Reports

End-of –Semester Report (Fall 2016)
End-of –Semester Report (Spring 2016)

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