Board of Trustees

Xavier University of Louisiana

MR. ALDEN J. McDONALD, JR.                                                            
President and Chief Executive Officer
Liberty Bank and Trust Company

Mr. McDonald joined the Board in October 2015 and is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Bank and Trust Company, a privately-held bank that is one of the five largest African-American owned financial institutions in the United States.  Since its founding in 1972, Liberty Bank has grown from one New Orleans Office to 19 branch offices and loan production offices in eight states.

Mr. McDonald has gained a national reputation for being a creative, insightful, yet practical problem solver who has developed mortgage and banking products that enhance the opportunities for the financially underserved, as well as, upwardly mobile populations of America’s cities.

He is a graduate of the LSU School of Banking and of Columbia’s Commercial Banking Management Program.

Board of Trustees