Biology Majors



Most of the courses a student takes in a health professional school are in Biology, including physiology, anatomy, histology, microbiology, genetics, and immunology just to list a few. A strong preparation in these areas will help one become not only a successful applicant, but also a successful graduate in the health professions. Biology graduates have successfully completed programs at professional schools such as Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, LSU, Meharry, Stanford, Tulane, UCLA, Yale and others. Here is a list of Course Requirements. There is also a 3+1 Accelerated Program for the most talented and strongly motivated Biology Premeds. Here is a list of Course Requirements for the accelerated program.


The Biology Department is strongly committed to preparing its graduates for not only health professional careers, but also to enter the various exciting fields of biological research. The science of biotechnology is expanding very rapidly, thus creating numerous jobs for biologists in industry. To enter into research and applied biology, a solid preparation for graduate school is essential. Biology graduates are attending and completing programs at prestigious graduate schools, most of them have been awarded generous fellowships that pay full tuition and adequate living expenses. Biology is also the major of choice for students who are interested in further developing fields such as botany, developmental biology, field biology, genetics, histology, physiology, and zoology by attending graduate schools, as well as for those interested in medical and other health professional fields. Here is a list of Course Requirements.

B.A. Program in Biology

This program is designed for students interested in combining their biology study with other disciplines such as pre-law, marketing, history, etc.  The degree will not prepare students for graduate programs in biology or for medical or dental schools.  Students who later may wish to pursue graduate programs in biology or attend professional school will be required to take additional courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics.  Here is a list of Course Requirements.

Science Education-Biology

In cooperation with the Education Department, a degree in Science Education in Biology is available. Students interested in a career in teaching at the secondary level can choose an education major with a concentration in Biology. Here is a list of Course Requirements.

Dual Degree Program in Biomedical Engineering

In cooperation with the Physics and Chemistry Departments, a dual degree in Biomedical Engineering is available. Students interested in combining Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry with Biology can enroll in this program. Please see the program's own webpage ( for details. Here is a list of Course Requirements.

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