Department of Biology

Norman C. Francis Academic/Science Complex


The Norman C. Francis Academic/ Science Complex, which is shown in the photo above, is home to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Math. The Biology Department occupies the fourth floor. We moved in from our previous facilities in the Administration Building in 1988. The NCF building is home to lecture classrooms, teaching labs and faculty research laboratories. Because of the growing success of Xavier's programs leading into medicine, pharmacy, and graduate school, the NCF Building became overcrowded. In 1999, the NCF-Addition was completed, more than doubling the footprint of the science departments.

Teaching Facilities. In the Biology Department, lectures are given in one of the many lecture halls within the NCF complex. Most lecture rooms are equipped with the latest in electronic instructional media including projection systems for laptop computers, internet access and document cameras. Teaching labs have monitors mounted from the ceiling that can project images from a microscope.

Research Facilities. The department has several basic research labs which are shared by faculty. We have facilities for general research techniques such as spectrophotometry, gel electrophoresis, histology, cell culture, molecular biological techniques and microscopy including fluorescence, confocal and TIRF microscopy.  Faculty also have access to a vivarium on campus.  Some of the instruments available to researchers in the department are listed below.

Major equipment available

In the Biology Department

In the Chemistry Department

In the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium Core

In the Research Centers in Minority Institutions Core

Department of Biology


Norman C Francis Annex

Room 433

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