Some helpful hints for success


Rules and Expectations

1.You are now at a University. High school is over. Act accordingly.

2.Being at Xavier University of Louisiana is a privilege, not a right or a given. To be here does not mean you will be given a golden pass to medical school or any other graduate school.  You will have to earn your grades. They will never be given.

3.To earn your grade you will have to study, and study hard. The two extreme profiles of a student are given below.

-- An A student always studies in advance, reads the sections in the textbook, pays attention and takes good notes, finds answers to questions and is prepared because he/she studies every day, and is not afraid to ask for help or work with others.

-- A D student shows little interest, hates to read, takes bad notes and never checks with the textbook if his/her notes are correct, misses classes, is unorganized, doesn’t feel the need to study regularly.

4.Xavier has a good reputation because we guide hard working students to exploit their potential. Listen to good advice !

5.Faculty have heard all possible excuses for being late, being absent, failure to do reports, bad grades. Excuses are signs that a student is not ready for the demands of a University. Mature students take responsibility and don’t waste their time (or the professors' time) with excuses. A good student overcomes adversity and puts in the extra effort to succeed. You are responsible for your own actions. SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO … DON'T SHOW US WHAT YOU CANNOT DO.

6.You are in the BIOLOGY department. Therefore we EXPECT you to have a genuine interest in all aspects of BIOLOGY and SCIENCE in general. If you have no such interest, you may want to change your major. Chances of success will diminish drastically if interest and curiosity are lacking.  Chinese fortune cookie says, “The beginning of wisdom is to desire it”.

7.If you fail the same biology class twice (earn a D or lower), you will be asked to transfer out of the Biology Department !

8.All your grades count towards your future. Your attitude counts as well. Down the line, you will need letters of recommendations from professors. Poor performance, lack of interest and bad attitude leaves not much room for a professor to speak highly of you in his/her letters.  We are honest in our letters. Don’t expect us to lie for you.

9.At a University, studying is your JOB. If your work interferes with studying then you need to talk with your advisor, parents, employer.

10.Turn cell phones off.  There will be no calls made or answered in the classroom.  It is disruptive and rude.  The same is expected when visiting your professor in her or his office.  There will be no use of iPods or any other ear listening devices in class either. Unless you were born with an audio device implanted in your ear, they are to be removed when coming to class !

Taken from the Biology 1240 Lab Syllabus:

Please read this link (courtesy Dr. Elliott Hammer, XU Department of Psychology):

Some good general advice about how to study:

About recommendation Letters (“Letters of Reference”):