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Biology majors routinely perform research with faculty members during the semesters or during summers or both. Each student involved in research undergoes rigorous training in safety and ethics, along with literature review and scientific writing in addition to training in the actual techniques that their project requires. Very early on, students learn to distinguish between the 'real world' research which is not always glamorous versus what they think it might be, where everything just works out immediately and great results are obtained. Approximately 40-50 students are involved in one or more research based projects each year. Some work as volunteers, some are in funded programs, yet others receive payment for the hours they spend in the lab. Each Biology faculty member who works with students is committed to present their findings at regional or national level conferences and eventually publish the results, just like in real world.

Biology Faculty actively involved in research

Biology students may receive research funding from these and many other sources

Additional Research Opportunities at XULA and throughout Louisiana

  • Xavier Center for Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity (CURGO) - This opportunity provides the student with the chance to work with a scientific investigator at Xavier University. For additional information about this opportunity, please see contact the faculty member directly. Please note that biology students may find excellent additional opportunities in the Chemistry Department and College of Pharmacy, in addition to opportunities in the Biology Department. 
  • Summer Programs - Many universities throughout the country offer 6 to 12 week summer research experiences. A list of those programs for which we have information is available at the GradStar page. here:
  • Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium at XULA - Xavier University is a member of the LCRC and many researchers at Xavier perform cancer-related research. Biology faculty are supported by the LCRC and utilize LCRC core facilities and the new state-of-the-art LCRC Building.
  • Tulane/Xavier Environmental Biology Program - a joint venture between Tulane and Xavier Universities, the Center for Bioenvironmental Research is dedicated to realizing sustainability in a city reconnected to its natural landscape and surrounded by a more resilient coast. This is being accomplished by fostering innovation and providing forums through sponsored seminars, research funding for faculty and students, as well as support for cross-university initiatives, partnerships and collaborations.

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