XULA Art Department

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted on a one-semester trial and later evaluated to determine their continuance in a second probationary semester. Freshmen are required to demonstrate evidence of special ability in art. Admission to sophomore art classes is contingent upon an evaluation review and faculty approval.

Criteria are ability to draw, sense of design, professional attitudes, and consistent growth.


There are scholarships available for entering Freshmen. These are awarded on a competitive basis and require university acceptance, a letter of recommendation, a scholarship application (deadline May 1) and portfolio.


Three original works, each representing a medium (e.g., water color painting, oil painting, pen & ink, sculpture, etc.) are to be submitted. Works must be properly presented, matted or with a simple liner for oils and enclosed in a small, compact portfolio. Maximum size for all two-dimensional work (design, drawing, layouts, painting, posters, collage, etc.) is 22" x 28". There is no size recommendation for three-dimensional work (ceramic, wood constructions, wire or metal construction or sculpture). Works must be sent and returned at the student's expense and risk.

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