XULA Art Department

Mission / Letter from Department Head

Creative Process, Problem Solving & Discipline:

Forming a successful career in contemporary culture

  • Waking up each day with intention to learn, explore, and enjoy the process, is the path leading to a commitment in developing skills necessary to succeed.

  • The present timespace is an ideal period for studying visual culture and design. As technologies develop and society moves further into a digital global age, the value of visual imagery increases leading to a larger viewing audience.

  • Historically, since the formation of the city, New Orlean has prided it's unique flavor through the cultural diversity which enriches the city. As Majors in the Department of Art at Xavier, students have an opportunity to witness and participate in the cultural roots of the city.

What makes XULA Department of Art unique?

The ultimate purpose of Xavier University is to provide our students with an education that encourages a commitment to create a more just and humane society. Xavier prepares its students to assume roles of leadership and service in society through a strong education in the sciences and humanities. In the creative field, job opportunities in which students will be guided to consider include Museum and Gallery Administration, Public Projects, Gallery Artist or Owner, Studio Principal (Entrepreneurial), Print Designer, User Experience / User Interface Designer, and 3D Design.

Our goal is to encourage ethical practice through the particiapation in social engagement through community based project and art related event particiapation. Recently, XULA Department of Art began a community arts management program providing students with the skills to build a strong foundation as artists and community leaders. Xavier’s liberal arts program addresses a wide range of teaching that will give graduates additional know how for academic and/or career development. 

Faculty, Students, and Staff of the XULA Department of Art challenge you to join us in cultivating your creative visual talent, leading you to an ideal position within the global creative industry. 

The Department of Art

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