XULA Art Department


Professors Ron and Gus building a surface in the painting studio

The Art Village at Xavier University serves as home to the Department of Art and its Community Arts Program. Designed as a state-of-the-art complex for student and community, the Village is comprised of five light industrial buildings, of which three have been recently renovated. Each building houses educational laboratories for graphic design, sculpting, ceramics, casting, welding, drawing, painting, and printmaking, in addition to a a gallery, lecture hall and administrative offices for Department of Art faculty and staff. Collectively, the Art Village facilities provide the Department of Art with 26,500 square feet of space for current needs and future growth.

The Department of Art


1 Drexel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125

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The Art Village

John T. Scott Sculpture Garden

3520 Pine Street, New Orleans, LA 70125

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