General Information

Tulane University, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, was selected on June 1st, 1938, for the establishment of a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit. Since its inception, the Tulane NROTC Unit has aimed to commission the best trained and most highly qualified Ensigns and Second Lieutenants in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Over 75 years later, the unit proudly exists as one of the oldest active NROTC programs in the nation. Today, the Tulane Battalion is made up of over 60 midshipmen from five institutions: the host, Tulane University, and our cross-town affiliates, Dillard University, Loyola University of New Orleans, University of New Orleans, and Xavier University of Louisiana.

Recipients of the NROTC scholarship at Tulane, or at any of our four cross-town affiliates, receive scholarships covering 100% tuition and fees, a book stipend, a monthly stipend, uniforms, and Naval Science textbooks. In addition, scholarship students at Tulane receive the Tulane Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship, which waives the cost of standard housing and a meal plan, a value of approximately $13,000 per year. All told, the NROTC scholarship at Tulane University is worth nearly $212,000 over four years.
NROTC midshipmen face demanding academic and extracurricular schedules. Students must take Naval Science courses every semester and must complete courses in English, Military History/National Security, and Cultural Awareness, regardless of their major. In addition, Navy-option midshipmen must complete two semesters of Calculus and two semester of Calculus-based Physics. All midshipmen are also required to participate in at least one battalion extracurricular activity every semester. Activities include:

NROTC midshipmen are very active in their respective university communities and the greater New Orleans community as a whole. Midshipmen routinely participate in student government organizations, varsity and intramural sports teams, tutoring programs, and numerous university and civic clubs and organizations.

During the summer midshipmen on scholarships go on summer cruises to gain training and experience for their future work in the fleet. To learn more about summer cruise click here.

Upon graduation and successful completion of the NROTC program, midshipmen are commissioned as Ensigns or Second Lieutenants in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Our graduates go on to lead Sailors and Marines in a variety of unrestricted line communities and occupational specialties.

High school students looking for a rewarding college experience and an exciting career in the United States Navy or Marine Corps should apply for the NROTC scholarship following the completion of their junior year. For more information, call 1-800-USA-NAVY or contact the Tulane NROTC Unit directly at 1-800-800-NAVY ext. 6.

How to Join?

Interested in joining the Tulane NROTC Battalion and pursuing a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps?  In general, freshman and sophomore full-time undergraduate students are eligible to join, after meeting certain criteria.

The battalion is composed of both Scholarship and College Program midshipmen, all of whom are working towards earning a commission.  Scholarship students have typically earned an NROTC scholarship during their senior year of high school or freshman year of college, while College Program students are competing for one or more available scholarships while still participating in the program as full-fledged members.

Whether you are a rising high school senior or a current college sophomore, scholarship opportunities are available for motivated students.  Please reference the Scholarship and College Program tabs for further information and to learn how to apply and join.