Across Curriculum Thinking

Across Curriculum Thinking Program

Xavier University's Across Curriculum Thinking (ACT) Program, first began in 1986 under the auspices of a Ford Foundation grant, seeks to promote critical thinking about vital issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Six to eight faculty mentors from different disciplines select a new topic each year and examine that topic with their students through class discussions, brown bag luncheons, films, guest speakers and essays. ACT was initially formed to incorporate the disciplines central to Xavier's liberal arts core curriculum: Communications, English, History, Philosophy and Theology. Periodically other disciplines have been represented such as Business, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Mathematics, Political Science and Sociology.

Previous ACT Themes:

2012-2013 Violence
2011-2012 Gender Justice
2010-2011 Inequality
2009-2010 Social Justice
2008-2009 Social Justice
2007-2008 Globalization: Benefits or Burdens?
2006-2007 Globalization
2005-2006 Propaganda
2004-2005 Peace
2003-2004 Violence
2002-2003 Migration
2001-2002 Social Construction of Reality
2000-2001 Globalization
1999-2000 Why 2 K?
1998-1999 Commodification
1997-1998 Generations and Traditions
1996-1997 Environmental Sustainability: City and Country
1995-1996 Environment: Global Perspective
1994-1995 Society and Self
1993-1994 Gender Issues
1992-1993 Nationalism and Ethnicity
1991-1992 Technology and Hegemony
1990-1991 Image and Reality
1989-1990 Gender and Class
1988-1989 The Global Village
1987-1988 War and Peace
1986-1987 Apartheid

Across Curriculum Thinking Program