Office of Academic Affairs

Tuition Waviers

The spouse and any unmarried dependent children under the age of twenty-four (24) of eligible employees may attend undergraduate courses at the University free of tuition during the academic year (summer and enrichment courses are not included) as long as the employee retains his eligible status. A waiver of one-third of graduate tuition is also available. Fees, books, etc. must be paid for by the employee. Spouses and dependent children will be required to file application with the Financial Aid Director to determine eligibility of financial aid. This requirement can be waived by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

All full-time employees who have successfully completed a 90-day probationary period are eligible to attend one (1) course per semester tuition free in the undergraduate college (A&S) with the approval of the immediate supervisor. The course can be taken during regular office hours; the subject must be related to the present work or anticipated future assignments. One-third remission is available to staff who pursue graduate courses.


For employees hired after August 15, 1997, there is a one year waiting period required before a spouse or dependent child of a staff member can receive a tuition waiver. A spouse or dependent child of a faculty member is eligible to receive benefits for any semester which begins on or after the faculty member's date of employment.


The spouse or dependent child must be admitted to the University and must meet all academic requirements stipulated in the University catalog. Undergraduate students receive 100% remission for a period not to exceed nine semesters.

The same limitation of nine semesters applies to spouses or dependents enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, i.e., students will receive 100% tuition remission for a maximum of nine semesters (based on undergraduate CAS tuition) after which they will receive 1/3 tuition remission for the P3 and P4 (5th and 6th) years in the College of Pharmacy.

To retain eligibility, the spouse or dependent must maintain a minimum g.p.a. of 2.0. Students who are placed on academic probation will be allowed one additional semester on tuition remission in order to meet eligibility requirements, after which they must enroll in the University at their own expense to improve the g.p.a. to the expected level.