Office of Academic Affairs

Sabbatical Leave Proposal

Proposal Content

Proposals should detail, in language understandable to those outside your discipline, the nature and scope of your plan for sabbatical leave, the background and purpose of your project, as well as the plans to achieve the proposed objectives. The total length of your narrative should not exceed five pages. You must also include a curriculum vitae of not more than two pages, and a list of recent scholarly publications, exhibitions, etc. The official sabbatical leave policy of the University identifies five (5) areas of activity that can be pursued during an approved sabbatical leave. Develop your proposal around one (or more) of those areas. Include in your narrative the relationship of the proposed project to your current teaching responsibilities. Do your plans for sabbatical leave depart from your traditional area of teaching/research expertise? If so, provide a rationale for that departure. Is travel an important part of your plan? It is highly recommended that you submit a budget if funding from some other source is assisting you in meeting the objectives of your planned sabbatical.

Proposals for leave can be for one semester (100% salary) or two semesters (50% salary). If you are collaborating with any corporation, agency, educational institution, etc. in order to carry out the objectives of your request for leave, you should obtain a supporting letter from the organization. If your leave involves a summer activity and/or a non-paid leave, either before or after your sabbatical, please explain that part of the plan.

Reference Letters

There should be two to three letters of support for your proposal. One of those letters should be from a colleague outside Xavier who has reviewed your proposal and can speak in support of your plan. (Please indicate the credentials of the extramural evaluator.)

Due Date

Three complete copies of the proposal, with your chair's signature, should be submitted to the dean no later than 5 working days before February 1 . You will be notified at the time you receive your contract of the status of your proposed sabbatical leave.

Final Report

All faculty who are granted a sabbatical are required to submit a written report on their project at the end of the sabbatical period. This paper is due in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs no later than one month after the beginning of the first semester following the sabbatical. A published paper or submitted manuscript may be substituted for a formal report.